Gemu Australia supplies compact and versatile multi-port valve blocks

GEMU's range of expendable plastic multi-port valve blocks are compact, quickly assemble and cost-effective

Made of durable plastics, valve interfaces in piping systems can be utilised in an extremely compact and customised manner.

Plant designers can take advantage of numerous benefits including:

  • Compact design improves plant reliability
  • Space savings achieved through the combination of valve functions in a single plastic block
  • Shorter installation time due to the significant reduction in the number of individual components
  • Increased plant reliability due to the reduction in bonded or welded points
  • Reduced operating costs

In a customised valve block design, GEMÜ can integrate a very wide variety of functions such as blending, diverting, channelling, draining or supplying a very wide variety of liquids (including chemicals). Dosing functions can also be implemented with multi-port valve blocks.

Numerous manufacturers offer process plant in different versions and want to "future-proof" the plant for further extensions.

The "extendable multi-port valve blocks" were developed based on these applications and in partnership with customers. The concept provides OEM's with a customised modular system which can be adapted to individual requirements.

The new concept can cover a majority of possible variants with just a few basic versions. Within seconds and without additional piping, adhesive bonding or welding, these basic blocks can be connected to produce an extended multi-port valve block. Subsequent modifications to the process plant which are requested by the plant operator can also be implemented quickly and easily. This offers genuine added value to suppliers and operators alike.

The product can be used cost effectively in plants of the chemical industry and environmental chemistry sector, in surface finishing, coating and electroplating plants, municipal and industrial water treatment plants and other areas of use.

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