Gas purging solutions from Fanquip

Purging fans are an ideal gas purging solution
Purging fans are an ideal gas purging solution

Purging fans are an ideal gas purging solutionAir movement specialist Fanquip now provide complete gas purging solutions to ensure gas does not silently do its damage in Australian industry and society.

Much of Australian industry has little idea that unwanted gas in confined work spaces has a two pronged negative effect; potential for disease in workers and the hidden danger of causing damage on concrete.

In public works and waste handling industries, toxic and carcenogenic gases pose problems in areas such as sewers. In public works and general construction industries, gases present over a period of time produce enzymes which rot concrete, exposing steel reinforcements over a matter of months.

Additionally, wells, drains and other sites that involve below-ground or urban bore-area work are potential gas-filled areas where workers are exposed to inhalation risks. Furthermore, if staff are welding in such conditions, it becomes a further hazard, as not only are the welding fumes toxic, some gases occurring in the work environment are volatile and can become explosive when exposed to welding heat.

With such a significant problem posed, it is disturbing to know that proper solutions are sometimes overlooked on the premise that noxious gases are an acceptable part of the job routine, when in actual fact these gases can easily be purged.

Purging is already an OH&S necessity where employees are working on projects where gases such as methane or carbon dioxide are present. These, if left unpurged, can cause chronic diseases in those exposed to it and breathing it in.

The key to Fanquip’s gas purging solutions is its wealth of portable purging technology and available systems which can be set up for either blowing or extracting to ensure all unwanted air is quickly and easily purged out of a work area.

Areas of application, apart from the above, include:

  • grease traps
  • sewers
  • factories
  • food processing plants
  • livestock and primary industry operations
  • pharmaceutical laboratories
  • foundries
  • tunnels and excavations
  • mine operations; and
  • general manufacturing and engineering businesses.

With OH&S laws focusing on the presence of unsuitable air in every industry, equipment to provide fresh air is becoming basic and necessary. Apart from merely purging, the Fanquip units can also maintain the supply of clean air for any personnel that may be working within the area.

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