Functions of DC Static Transfer Switches (400 V DC)

Supplier: Static Power By: Robert Heezeman (Static Power Pty Ltd)
21 February, 2017

Realisations of improved reliability on DC systems are some 100 times that of AC distribution systems. But things can still go wrong….

Static Power and its manufacturing arm of i-STS specialising in Static Transfer Switches have now developed a range of DC Solid State Static Transfer switches specifically for the 400V DC (380 V DC) distribution systems currently being deployed.

So the theory is simple, you can now run thinner cables with higher efficiency further than you could previously and have battery back-up.

Realisations of improved reliability are some 100 times that of AC distribution systems. But things can still go wrong….

The i-STS DC Static Transfer Switch (currently produced as a nominal 380 V DC, 32/50 Amperes, 19 Inch rack mount configuration) provides the distribution with additional security.

These are the main functions associated with the requirements of the DC Static Transfer Switch supplied by i-STS.

  1. Continually monitors the voltage levels or sudden disappearance of the DC and switches automatically and transparently the critical load to an alternate source. Acceptable range is +/-20 or 10% or 5%
  2. Safe and easy and automatic and manual switching between DC power sources with differing voltages (a discharged battery to a stand-by good source).
  3. Break-Before-Make transfers (however, break time is in microseconds and is transparent to the loads)
  4. It also monitors the load current and protects the downstream infrastructure should there be a fault in the DC/DC converter or end critical equipment by interrupting and isolating the fault before catastrophic damage is caused by the extremely large and fast rising currents that are typical in DC systems. Adjustable threshold from 20 to 200 Amperes.
  5. Using the latest Silicon Carbide technology (SiC), we’ve improved the efficiency and speed of switching. We can boast an efficiency 99%, Natural cooling.
  6. Safe for installation into any “‘point of distribution” 19 Inch rack with DC fault currents to 20kA
  7. Full metering, front panel controls and remote status and event monitoring (via SNMP, Modbus TCP, Email Alert).

Part number i-STS50B1DC400    Models with higher power and alternated DC voltages available soon

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