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03 Mar 2020

I prepare and race a Suzuki Pro stock drag bike. The engine develops approximately 200 BHP at 12,500 RPM from only 1200cc. As you can imagine most of the engine parts are put through a lot of stress. The 17:1 static compression ratio is very hard on parts

such as gudgeon pins and crank- shaft bearings. The maintenance program on my engine is very time consuming, due to the need of a complete engine rebuild after every race meeting. With constant repair or replacement of parts like gudgeon pins, cams and rockers, engine bearings etc, even a high volume oil pump gear set was not enough to slow the rate of destruction. I have tried many types of oil additives over the past ten years of racing these engines, with absolutely no effect to my results. But then I tried BiTron Engine Treatment!!! After running at a race meeting I pulled down the engine as per usual AND I was amazed with the lack of wear on any part of the engine. My gudgeon pins and cams looked like they had not been used at all. I inspected and rebuilt the engine without repairing or replacing a single part.  

So being a true drag racer looking for every advantage, I decided to step up the compression ratio to 17.6:1 and fitted standard oil pump gears (high volume gears use an extra 4 H.P to drive) after all, I may as well test this product to the limits. Again after the next meeting I pulled down the engine and the results were the same. No wear on any parts. This engine didn't need any maintenance at all.

I have now competed in five race meetings without any inspections. If I had been using this product for the last ten years, I would have saved tens of thousands of dollars on worn parts - not to mention labour time.

BiTron is the most amazing product I have ever seen. The results I have found after extensive testing are incredible. This product works so well that I actually hesitate to recommend it to my competitors!

I now use this product in every motorcycle I work on whether it be for racing or street use. Every engine will benefit from BiTron Engine Treatment and save owners a lot of money. In my Melbourne based workshop I repair all makes and models of cars and motorbikes. The BiTron product range has become an integral part of the servicing and tuning of these vehicles.

My customers are also impressed with the results they are getting. When something is this good, word travels fast, and my workshop is really going well, and building every day. Thanks BiTron, we have a real future together.