Forming firm insures fast building process for warehouse project

Doka Australia played a key role in a Bunnings Warehouse project at Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Victoria ensuring a fast and safe construction process.

The project is a multi-million dollar commercial construction project.

Doka Australia was commissioned by Relux Commercial to devise and implement individualised slab systems for the project.

The project was released in a short time largely due to the range of Doka formwork systems deployed on it.

To conduct the project, Doka Australia utilised a combination of slab and load-bearing tower formwork systems. More than 2000 m² of Dokamatic tables were used as slab formwork coupled with 12,000 m³ of heavy-duty Staxo 100 load-bearing towers.

Doka Australia's load-bearing shoring system, Staxo 40, assisted in the speed and accuracy of the project. The newly developed load-bearing tower Staxo 40 was used for more than 8000 m³. This economical system stands out for being extremely easy to handle.

It is engineered for high user ergonomic, enabling fast assembly and dismantling times while ensuring high workplace safety.

Although this was the first large-scale Australian job using Staxo 100 and Staxo 40 shoring, the project progressed flawlessly, and the customer was delighted by the systems and the ease of their assembly.

Since the commencement of the project, Doka Australia's construction and project-management expertise have made it possible to solve the highly demanding requirements of this large-scale build, both on- and off-site.

Doka Australia's solution for safe, fast and efficient construction was to use its load-bearing shoring system Staxo 40, as well as Staxo 100. This solution made it possible to erect formwork rapidly and securely, ensuring major savings on labour costs.


Doka Australia works to understand the specific requirements of its customers, including their design and dimension criteria. Doka's priority is to offer customers new and cost-effective solutions which are appropriate and relevant to specific local needs.

Relux Commercial recognised early on that they needed a system that did not rely on conventional methods of assembling formwork at such a height.

"The Staxo systems resolved a lot of problems for us as we were able to build the towers horizontally, then pick and carry them to the final position with a telehandler and a jib attachment," said Peter Watson, general manager of Relux's Commercial.  

"This was possible with Staxo due to the locking-pin arrangement securely joining the frames together."

Doka Australia's approach to construction spans everything from the initial planning phase through to the support, and covers the entire construction process.

Big challenge

This service has been enthusiastically embraced by Doka clients.

"The system performed in excess of our expectations and the feedback from our men that it was the best system they had ever used," Watson said.

Jan Pienaar, Doka's operations manager said: "The big challenge for this first project in Australia is to deliver large quantities of formwork in a very short period.

"Our goal is to help our partner to understand the challenges and to find suitable solutions to the individual situation and the requirements of the project.

"Thanks to Doka's fast forming and stripping methods, the construction phase was expedited, enabling it to be completed several weeks ahead of schedule."

The client Relux Commercial was very pleased with Doka products and the helpful assistance from the staff.

Watson concluded: "We will definitely be using Doka products in our future projects."

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