For the detection of very hot objects.

Supplier: ifm efector By: ifm efector pty ltd
28 February, 2013

First compact infrared temperature sensor with integrated display

Temperatures up to 1350 °C can be easily measured with the new infrared temperature sensor from ifm efector. It is also the first unit to be equipped with an integrated display and operating unit. Easy pushbutton programming ensures quick use. Additionally, the sensor features scratch-resistant precision lenses for minimum sensitivity to scattered light.

Infrared temperature measurement is used where temperatures can only be measured indirectly, that means without contact. The reason for this can for example be a high temperature of the object. The sensors detect infrared radiation emitted and convert them to an output signal. If the detected temperature is above the set switching threshold, the switching output is set and the switching status of the LED is displayed.

The switching thresholds and output configurations can be set and easily reproduced easily by means of the button and the display. Clearly visible LEDs always indicate the switching status. During operation the display shows the current measured value percent.

All three types have a high quality precision lens which is a prerequisite for precise switching. The lens withstands the rough environments for example in steelworks.