Food industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
09 October, 2012

The food industry is rapidly discovering dry ice cleaning for a number of applications.

These include the cleaning of: continuous conveyor ovens, oven drive chains, fryers, mixers, racks, trays and carts; industrial waffle irons; different types of protein and food residue; baked-on residues, carbon build-up and grease; drying trays for extruded and dried steam cooked products; food processing equipment, knife blades and mixing equipment; conveyors and food packaging equipment; creeper canopies and fat fryer heads; and walls, ceilings etc.

Dry ice blasting is applied in food processing industry such as food and beverages, chocolate industry, bakery operations, industrial pizza producers, extrusion cooking, convenience food manufacturers and pet food.


"CIeaned more effectively in less than one quarter of the cleaning time we were used to!

"The way we were cleaning compared to how we clean now? Completely inappropriate - the difference between day and night. We previously cleaned by hand scraping and flushing with water. Most of the machines had to be stopped and disassembled.

This was extremely labour intensive, incredibly slow not to mention the tremendous productivity loss.Wastewater had to be disposed of as well, a cost that could not be neglected either. I heard about CRYONOMIC through one of my colleagues, a manufacturer of chocolate products who told me he had been using a CRYONOMIC unit for more than two years.

"Fairly sceptical, I asked CRYONOMIC for a trial clean. We had never had our equipment cleaned more thoroughly and more effectively... in less than a quarter of the cleaning time we were used to. Subsequently we now have our own CRYONOMIC blaster. Downtime is drastically reduced.

"Labour costs have been cut and wastewater removal is negligible. The equipment has paid for itself in a very short time. CRYONOMIC? Professionally performing what they promise: 100% satisfaction, no question!"

Source: Interview with Mr. H. Production Manager of L. inc. (April 24th 2007)