Flying high in aviation simulators

Supplier: MayTec Australia
03 February, 2012

Flat packing and helicopter simulator are not often words that go hand in hand, but in this instance, they do and produce amazing results.

Since 2008 MayTec and Ryan Aerospace have been partnering to produce this unique profile application.

The MayTec range of profile has allowed Ryan Aerospace to take flight and helicopter simulation to a new level with affordable, accurate simulators for a wide range of training applications for civil, military and emergency management organisations. Due to the versatility of MayTec profile a modular system has been developed that allows you to ‘bolt’ on different aircraft types to the main unit.

Ryan Aerospace has recently designed simulators by request for the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy to teach motor skills and tail rotor failure procedures. Quality engineering has been combined with quality materials through our decision to choose MayTec profile, this means zero "backlash" giving a truly realistic feel which is paramount to the success of Ryan Aerospace.

Feedback provided by engineers at Ryan Aerospace has indicated that they are very happy with the MayTec Profile System as it has allowed them to produce just about any type of commercial simulator that clients require. At Ryan Aerospace they offer 'off the shelf' models but also specialise in developing custom builds for specific applications. Initially the design on the main unit was built up from downloaded elements available on the MayTec website which proved very helpful in the early stages.

The flexibility of the MayTec profile system was paramount during the prototyping phase as it was a requirement of many clients design briefs that several variations were experimented with and tested. As issues were identified, solutions were able to be achieved on the spot using the flexibility of the profile and huge selection of connectors available. The range and sizes of the profile available from MayTec made this much easier as different profile could be easily added and removed from the project as required.

The use of MayTec profile has attributed to the growth and globalisation of Ryan’s business globally in recent years as simulators can be shipped worldwide. One of the key elements in choosing MayTec profile for the frame fabrication lay in the fact that it allowed for units to be flat packed and sent virtually anywhere in the world and then assembled on site quickly and easily.

A large range of profiles and connectors are kept in stock, this in conjunction with the quality of our product is a key asset as people count on us to get their job done in a hurry. Why not contact us today and let us provide a solution to your design and engineering requirements.