FLIR K-Series allows you to see through smoke from every angle

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
07 September, 2018

The FLIR K-Series Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) is an essential tool for firefighting. With a TIC in hand, you can attack fires more strategically, maneuver through smoke more easily, and save lives.

With a range of technologies and prices, from the introductory K2 model through to the NFPA-compliant FLIR K65, it’s easier than ever for Fire departments to afford to issue a TIC to every firefighter.

FLIR K-Series TICs display enhanced thermal images on a large bright 4” LCD, helping you navigate better in a fire environment and expedite critical decision. Whether you’re working with an advanced 320 x 240 pixels camera (K55 & K65) or an affordable 240 x 180 pixels camera (K45) TIC, FLIR cameras provide crisp detail-rich imagery at a 60 Hz frame rate that keeps up with the action.

FLIR designed its K-Series TICs to withstand the toughest firefighting conditions – from two-meter drops onto concrete to a full range of simulated tests to ensure product durability. The FLIR K series cameras remain fully operational in 260°C heat conditions for up to 5 minutes with water resistant (IP67). What’s more, the K65 complies fully with the NFPA® 1801-2013 standard for firefighting thermal imaging cameras.

FLIR develops and manufactures more thermal imaging cameras than any other company in the world with our years of knowledge and production capability allowing us to offer the K-Series at an extremely affordable price.

With the ability to save up to 200 thermal images (K45) or record up to 200 x 5-minute thermal video clips (K53, K55, K65) to replay on the camera LCD (K55, K65) or export for future reference, these options are ideal for on-site review and for creating recap reports or for training purposes once the fire is out.

The usability of the K series, with its large buttons provide quick access to the simplified user interface - even with a gloved hand. So you can stay focused on the challenging and fast-changing job in front of you.