Flameproof Cement Resistor manufacturer for oven, dryers, heaters...

Supplier: Australian Resistors
14 October, 2016

Australian resistors can manufacture Flameproof Cement Resistors to suit your needs, we can also customise a particular resistor we have to meet your needs an

Based around existing products we manufacture, we can create 'variations' or 'custom made' Flameproof Cement Resistorsresistors to suit your requirements.

Our quality system and manufacturing procedures are based on the ISO 9002 model. Further, all our products are 2 tier tested with every resistor being 100% tested on "state of the art" automatic or manual testing equipment, followed by a further sample check to ensure no system failure has occurred

Our Flameproof Cement Resistors resitors are highest quality, robust and incredibly reliable.

If you require a Flameproof Cement Resistor or have a specific requirement please call or email us using the enquiry box for a direct reply back.