FIX-Klett No Sweat

Supplier: 111 Abrasives Australia By: Patrick Mullner
19 January, 2016

Save time, save money with the revolutionary FIX-Klett system from 111 Abrasives Australia

The Zircotex FIX-Klett system using the 'hook and loop system' also known as the quick-change system. It requires the use of our original backing pad to securely fasten a flap disc or any other disc of the FIX-KLETT range onto the machine without the need for clamping nuts. This is achieved through our patented centre pin which ensures that the grinding disc is perfectly centred and guarantees 100% perfect rotation and low vibration levels.

An interesting tip is to get a backing pad that is slightly smaller than the disc to allow the flaps to protrude around the edges of the backing pad. This permits the user to easily grind into corners and use down the disc even further. For example, take a 125Ø flap disc with a 125Ø backing pad, once the flaps are no longer protruding from the backing pad use a smaller backing pad to gain the maximum life out of the flap discs. The FIX-Klett system can be used for coarse grinding all the way up to mirror finish with one system.