Fit for purpose Panel PC for dairy farm

LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd) is a New Zealand based farmer owned co-operative which for more than a 100 years has been a leader in animal performance management products focused on delivering increased and sustainable profits from dairy farm operations.

As part of the comprehensive services that LIC provides for shareholders and clients, we supply and install a fully integrated farm automation system. Protrack represents the latest in dynamic,comprehensive herd management and animal control systems.

The dairy floor environment is dirty, wet and quite harsh in respect to shock, vibration and temperature variance, and our system has to be tough and resilient to cope with the conditions. The hardware solution we have in place, as supplied to us by APC Technology, is a fit for purpose custom FT Series unit that combines the robust durability necessary to survive the farm dairy environment whilst offering optimum computing performance and versatile user interaction via touchscreen or keyboard interface.

Our business requires the comprehensive, end to end supply chain support which APC Technology are able to provide. Furthermore with over a thousand New Zealand based installation sites, we have a critical need for ongoing support and our long term relationship with APC Technology and utilisation of their NZ based service centre, reinforces our ability in continuing to provide a premium level of support where and when our people need it. Our alliance and partnership with APC Technology ensures that we are able to continuously maximise the in–field performance of our Protrack system and the benefits that are returned to our shareholders and clients.

Our relationship with APC Technology continues to assist us in growing our market share through innovation and the ongoing provision of comprehensive turnkey system solutions. They continue to evolve in order to meet our ever changing business needs.

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