Find leaking water pipes with a diaphragm listening stick

Supplier: Gutermann Pty Ltd
02 September, 2010

Gutermann are pleased to announce the inclusion of diaphragm listening sticks into our product range.

Gutermann have been manufacturing electronic water leak detection equipment for over fifty years and understand that many operators and plumbers in the water industry prefer the traditional sound of a diaphragm listening stick.

The diaphragm listening stick is rested on the pipe and the stainless steel bar transmits the leak noise vibrations to a brass diaphragm within the resonant cavity.  The radiated leak noise is mechanically amplified within the chamber to improve sensitivity.

The Gutermann diaphragm listening stick is available in one piece or 3 piece 1500mm lengths with level or angled heads for comfort.

Other leak detection products in the Gutermann range include electronic listening sticks, ground microphones, leak noise correlators and leak noise loggers.