Family of magnetic welding clamps keeps growing

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics
06 November, 2009

Welders and steel fabricators find the Serpent and Dove family of magnetic clamps indispensable.

Serpent and Dove has been growing its family of magnetic clamping products for the welding and steel fabrication industries for many years. And products just keep coming. Latest, patented additions to the line are the Rollalong Welders Magnetic Square and the Extended Pole Welders Magnetic Square.

With the patented Rollalong system the magnetic clamp can be rolled along a clamped steel surface whilst clamping with a force in excess of 200 newtons (~20 kgs). This is achieved by the use of brass rollers at the corners of the magnetic clamp, which are of a diameter that keeps the pole plates of the clamp just a fraction of a millimeter clear of the clamped surface. The ability to roll the clamp along the steel surface makes it easy to move a clamped work-piece up to a position or mark and makes fine position much faster and simpler.

Latest patented addition is the Extended Pole Welders Magnetic Square which ensures that a clamped work-piece is at held at right angles to another piece in both planes.

Serpent and Dove introduced the name ‘Welder’s Magnetic Square’ with its first products way back in 1984 when the founders made the initial products to the approximate proportions of an engineer’s steel square. The name became a kind of accepted industry standard although they are also known just as welder’s magnets and magnetic welding clamps.

With a philosophy of product evolution, Serpent and Dove has stayed at the forefront of the game, constantly reviewing and improving products so that they better serve their purpose. A recent example is the patenting of a subtle improvement to the very popular Welders Magnetic Earth (Ground) Clamp. This latest improvement helps prevent edge arcing and makes the product more efficient. Serpent and Dove’s evolving range continues to grow and is sold through hundreds of outlets across Australia and North America.