12 May 2021

Fall protection violations are the most often cited safety violation.

According to Safe Work Australia, 122 workers were killed between 2015 - 2019 following a fall from heights. But no matter where in the world you operate your business, keeping workers safe and productive is understandably the top priority across all market sectors. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive to implement effective and affordable solutions that can adapt as products, schedules, and facilities change. From loading and unloading vehicles, pipeline valve maintenance, assembly, rooftop or stair access, or industrial, chemical, or food and beverage manufacturing, SafeRack has fall protection solutions to keep workers safe from falls from heights, one of the leading causes of injuries at work.


ErectaStep Modular Access Systems 

SafeRack’s ErectaStep product line is made up of 5 modular components that improve productivity while allowing workers safe crossover or stair access as well as work platforms that can be configurated in unlimited ways for working while at height. Elevated walkways, crossovers, and modular stairs dramatically improve efficiency and safety while saving on travel time for workers. All components are pre-engineered with no welding or cranes required for installation. As the needs of the facility inevitably change, maintenance workers can easily reconfigure without custom fabrication. Because ErectaStep products comply with regulations including global standards such as EN/ISO right out of the box, all modifications and reconfigurations remain compliant according to AS1657:2018 fixed platforms, walkways, and stairways without the need for custom engineering. 


YellowGate Barriers and Guardrails

Local safety standards for fall protection must be enforced whether your loading dock is in use or not. If doors can’t be closed when not in use, be sure your facility has EN/ISO approved SafeRack’s YellowGate barrier gates and guardrails installed to keep everyone safe. Open dock doors must be protected by guardrails or visible barriers and signs must be posted to warn drivers of clearance limits. The ErectaStep YellowGate XL loading dock safety gate is adjustable to fit any opening from 6’ - 12’. The innovative counterbalanced design makes one-handed operation smooth and easy. With a patented Malbec Tensioner to keep gates from slamming and a 90-degree vertical lift to ensure adequate clearance for loading and unloading, YellowGate products are made from heavy-gauge steel with a powder coat finish and hold up to repetitive use indoors or out. You can eliminate guesswork with 6 feet of adjustability and a universal mounting system, to easily protect every passageway in your facility with just one SKU.


GX Self-Leveling Stairs

The time is right to improve fall protection for workers in marine, truck, and railcar loading. SafeRack just rolled out an industry-first, the GX. Their most ergonomically advanced folding stairs is brand new and the next generation replacing the G4. Rob Honeycutt, co-founder, and CEO of SixAxis explains, “With repetitive strain injuries topping the list of liabilities reported by employers across the globe, SafeRack’s GX is the latest ergonomic solution to fill the gap.” The patented unibody structure of the GX optimizes the longevity of self-leveling stair components so customers can expect it to last much longer than anything else on the market. SafeRack’s new and improved GX folding stairs also feature several patent-pending design improvements to reduce the number of welds, increasing the durability and longevity of the product while ensuring it requires less maintenance over the life of the product. The revolutionary GX uses Retractalok power-assist technology so operators can lift and lower the folding stairs with the push of a foot pedal and the simple pull of a rope. Light as a feather to lift and solid as a rock, primary and secondary auto-lock features prevent operator error while loading, ensuring safety in any position. The GX improves productivity and throughput while enhancing safety for workers in the loading industry. Patent-pending, the GX is the safest, most reliable self-leveling stairs on the market.