Exhaust Pollution Emissions Test by QLD Transport

Aircare'" involves an integrated strategy and a public education campaign about air pollution and ways to reduce it.

Oueensland Transport is conducting a trial of light vehicle emissions testing in Souih East Queensland. The "On Road Vehicle Emissions Random Testing'(OVERT) project is one of, many projects in the Aircare'" program. Petrol engine cars are randomly, selected to have their
exhaust gas sampled while the engine is idling. The concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) are measured to give an indication of the level of pollution they are emitting.

The Transport Inspector conducting the test will note the measurements on the other side of this leaflet and make an assessment as to whether your vehicle's emissions are Good, Fair or Poor. CO and HC emissions arise from the incomplete combustion of fuel. Reducing the concentration oi those gases in your car's exhaust not only reduces harmful pollution but saves fuel as well.
Current air pollution levels are not yet serious. However, the number of kilometres driven in South East Queensland is predicted to double ovrr the next 15 years and effective action to avoid future problems is needed now. You can help by keeping your vehicle serviced and tuned
in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Diagnosing engine faults can be difficult, particularly with today's complex engine management systems, so use qualified tradespeople who have the training and equipment appropriate for your vehicle.