Queensland's Aircare project involves an integrated strategy and a public education campaign about air pollution and ways to reduce it.

Oueensland Transport is conducting a trial of light vehicle emissions testing in South East Queensland. The On Road Vehicle Emissions Random Testing'(OVERT) project is one of many projects in the Aircare'" program- Petrol engined cars are randomly, selected to have their exhaust gas sampled while the engine is idling. The concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) are measured to give an indication of the level of pollution they are emitting.

At the time I was driving my 1987 Fairlane FE sedan car. My car was stopped along the road on the 2nd July 1999. The Qld Tpt gentleman wanted to check the exhaust emissions from my Fairlane.  He put some implement into the Exhaust pipe at the rear of the vehicle, and asked me to rev the engine up to 2500 PRM until he called Stop. 

The testing officer wrote down the results on the sheet as you can read. He asked me what had I done to the engine as the emission results were very low. I just told him the engine had the Bitron treatments added. He said that if he had known that; he would not have needed to do the testing. He apparently, was aware of the emissions results of  engines operating with Bitron added. 

On reading the 2nd last paragraph on the printed "Air Care OVERT Project" page, even in 1999 the Qld Tpt were predicting the exhaust emissions in South East Queensland would double over the next 15 years.  

I have been supplying vehicle and machinery operators all over Australia with these "Genuine, Original" amazing Bitron Treatments since 1997. Adding these Bitron treatments does add a cost, however, within a short period of time the Operator is reaping the benefits gained from the reduction in fuel consumption, the cost saving of which is many times more that the costs of the Bitron Treatments. As an added benefit, the metal wear in the engine is so little that engines will last ten times longer.