Engraving stainless steel just got easier

Supplier: Unist Australia By: John Barker
02 March, 2010

The Near Dry Engraving system, manufactured and supplied by Unist Australia, has outstanding results.

How can this be? Well, just recently a major Australian supplier of high quality engraving machinery tried out the latest Near Dry Engraving system manufactured and supplied by Unist Australia, and the results were phenomenal.

As we all know, to engrave stainless steel is one of the most difficult jobs an engraver can tackle, and as such is often just a 'too hard' call. Well this used to be the case, but no longer.

Any engraving machine can be retrofitted with this latest technology: it is simple, easy and quick to fit, and will be the cleanest and safest system you have ever known, delivering big time on benefits.

The system is pneumatically operated and runs on Coolube 2210, a vegetable oil that is non hazardous, non smelling, clear, non flammable, biodegradable and is an environmentally clean, green and safe to use product. Coolube is suitable for all ferrous, non ferrous metal and even works great on plastics. Coolube does not oxidise (go sticky) after being exposed to the atmosphere therefore is user friendly to work with, in fact if Coolube is exposed onto any part of the engraving steel exposed frame will offer a protective coating against rusting.

At a cost of less than $1,500 you can be Near Dry Engraving within moments, you will be enjoying a surface finish that is light years away from what you have experienced in the past. Other benefits such as higher spindle speeds, deeper depths of cut, faster feed rates, may all sound too good to be true, nevertheless it is a fact.

Another huge benefit to be gained from employing the Unist system is extended tool life. Coolube is a pure, high grade vegetable oil that lubricates the cutter thus reducing friction therefore reducing heat and wear on the tool. The oil particles are carried to the cutting area by a curtain of clean compressed air, the air volume is adjusted so that swarf or chips are blown out of the cutters path making sure that recutting swarf does not happen.

What is the running cost of such a fantastic device that delivers all these benefits, I hear you asking? Well,  a 3.785.00 bottle of Coolube costs $217.00, the Unist system will accurately, consistently and with a repeatable result, dispense 2ml of oil to the engraving  area per hour of continual engraving, making a bottle of Coolube last for 1,892 hours! This will prove to be the most cost effective metal cutting medium you have ever used.

Engraving stainless steel just got easier