Enerpac Announces New High-Tonnage Ultra-Flat Cylinders

Supplier: Enerpac
09 November, 2017

An international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, Enerpac, is introducing to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea its new CUSP-Series and CULP-Series high-tonnage ultra-flat cylinders.

The CUSP-Series - featuring an integrated tilting function with 10 to 1,000-ton capacity, 7-17mm stroke and maximum operating pressure of 700 bar – is designed for harsh conditions which require low clearance, especially for industrial maintenance and construction applications.

The complementary CULP-Series has an integrated stop ring with 10 to 50-ton capacity, 6mm stroke and maximum operating pressure of 700 bar.

Both the High Tonnage Ultra-Flat CULP and CUSP Series Cylinders feature nitrocarburized surface treatments for reliability in a wide variety of harsh conditions, says Enerpac Australasia National Sales Manager Mr Darryl Lange. In addition to construction, their industrial applications in local markets include mining and energy, oil and gas, maritime, civil engineering, water and waste water, infrastructure and aggressive manufacturing environments.

The compact but extremely powerful 700 bar single-acting cylinders are part of an Enerpac range of more than 1000 types of lifting cylinders and an equal number of hydraulic pump configurations.

Features include:

• Up to 4 percent side load of maximum capacity
• Extremely low collapsed height
• Integrated tilting function up to 4 degrees on the CUSP series
• Nitrocarburized surface treatment for harsh conditions
• “Red Line” on the CUSP series for visual maximum stroke limitation
• Stop ring on the CULP series for maximum stroke limitation

“The nitrocarburization provides superior resistance against corrosion and side loads, offering all industries a solution, especially suitable for harsh conditions in confined spaces, with the shortest closed height ever available in an Enerpac cylinder,” said Alberto Larrea, Global Product Manager at the new Centre of Excellence for Lifting.

“With both series, in order to operate safely, a solid lifting surface is required for correct support”, said Mr Larrea. “As with any Enerpac solution, you can learn more about safety operating instructions at our Learning Centre on enerpac.com.”

Mr Lange says dependability, versatility and safety are built into the new Ultra-Flat cylinders, which incorporate the engineering and experience of the Enerpac organisation as an Australasian and global leader in lifting cylinders and pumping and control systems. 

Enerpac cylinders, pumps and professional bolting technologies are backed nationally and on-site by the sales, service and technical expertise of the Enerpac distributor network, which has been a market leader in Australasia for more than 50 years.

The new cylinders are complemented by Enerpac pumping solutions proven throughout Australasia for applications prioritising speed, control, intermittent or heavy duty. Pumping solutions include P series Hand Pumps, XC series Cordless Pumps, XA series Air Driven pumps, ZU4 series portable electric pumps, ZE series Electric Pumps and SFP series Split Flow pumps.