Emona Instruments launches new low cost test & tag print kit

Supplier: Emona Instruments
14 March, 2014

Emona Instruments announces the release of the new PAC3760 DL low cost data logging appliance tester and test tag printing kit.

Typically test and tag systems with tag printing functionality cost several thousand dollars. For the first time, the PAC3760 DL appliance testing and tag printing kit, offers a solution that is around only $2,000.

The new PAC3760DL is a breakthrough tester that stores test results that download to any PC spreadsheet or database program. No special software is required to generate an electronic logbook to replace your handwritten logbooks. The PAC3760DL also connects to the battery powered PAC-OPT printer to print test tags.

The PAC-OPT's unique "Plug N Print" operation simply requires connection to the PAC3760 DL via serial cable. Conduct your test and press the print button to output your test tag. No time consuming set-up is required as the PAC-OPT prints a generic test tag.

With the PAC3760 DL, users will never have to handwrite log books and test tags again, easily the most time consuming part of testing and tagging.

The PAC3760 DL is based on the popular PAC3760 series of portable appliance testers used in testing and tagging Australia-wide for over 12 years. The DL's data logging and tag printing version builds on the range's long list of popular features. 

The PAC3760 DL conducts earth bond, insulation and polarity tests, as well as leakage current tests for Class I and Class II appliances and leads, and carries out trip time tests of 10mA and 30mA portable and fixed RCDs with the inbuilt isolation transformer.

When used in conjunction with the optional PAC-TPL 3 phase adaptor, the PAC3760 DL can also carry out 3 phase leakage testing of 10A, 16A, 20A and 32A three phase appliances. The PAC3760DL operates under mains or battery power, providing users with maximum flexibility.

The unit is designed with simple 9 button operation: Class I, Class II, Leakage, 10mA RCD, 30mA RCD and 3 Phase test buttons. As well as a buttons to save results, recall/download results and print test tag. Results are displayed as a Pass or Fail as well as actual readings.

Once the user selects the required test, the PAC3760DL tester conducts an automatic sequence of tests, eliminating the need for complicated on-screen menus.

Other features include automatic sensing of IEC or extension leads which adds a polarity test to the sequence and automatic detection of whether the appliance is switched "On".

The PAC3760DL's lowest price point for a data logging and test tag printing kit make it an ideal solution for testing and tagging applications requiring compliance with AS/NZS3760, whether a competent person testing their own equipment through to the professional electrical contractor providing a testing service.