Emission Test carried out using "5 Gas Exhaust Analyser"

Adding Bi-tron Treatments will help with obtaining "Carbon Credits" eventually.

One particular late model Kenworth 500 truck operating with a cement agitator in the Brisbane tunnels, having added Bi-tron treatments to his truck's engine and fuel tank, proved that his truck has been saving much more than 20% of fuel, and the exhaust emission test, has proved to be much, much less pollution emissions than the next best truck tested.

The owner was not told by the Leighton's testing officer, exactly what the readings were. However, he was asked how come the emissions were so low. Adding the Bi-tron Engine Formulation (Metal Treatment) to the crankcase oil, as well as adding the Bi-tron Fuel Conditioner to the fuel, has proved to give a greater reduction of the Exhaust Pollution Emissions.

The Bi-tron Engine Formulation, seals the piston rings against the cylinder walls and prevents any crankcase gases escaping out the exhaust.
I arranged to have these exhaust pollution emissions tests carried out by a reputable automotive repair firm using the recoginised "5 Gas Analyzer" testing machine.

Cost Bi-tron to treat Vehicle about 8% of fuel saved. That means 12% LESS COST for your fuel.

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