Emergency response shelters have been revolutionised by inflatable technology

13 Feb 2021

Whatever the emergency - fire, storm, flood - industry professionals are shifting from traditional first-response shelters to inflatable technology as a solution to a number of problems.

Ease Of Setup / Takedown

No longer is an entire team required to set up a single temporary shelter. Save valuable resources of personnel and energy with inflatable technology. Now, all you need is a power source (such as a car motor) and a single team member to press the ‘on’ button. Inflatable shelters make it easier than ever before to create safe and enclosed environments in a matter of minutes.

Dismantling the shelter is just as easy. Without the need for any strenuous work, just open the inflation valve, and fold. That’s it. This ease of setup and takedown makes inflatables incredibly convenient and effective for first-response and emergency purposes.


Establishing Respite Environments

Traditional first-response shelters can provide enclosed spaces but they tend not to be insulated and this can present a problem when attempting to establish an effective respite environment. For example, if someone is injured or ill, creating an optimised treatment environment is of paramount importance and can have a significant impact on the patient’s outcome. With insulated inflatable technology, establishing the correct treatment temperature is made possible. This can also be an invaluable respite for first responders from harsh external conditions. For example, the firefighter who needs immediate access to a cooled environment after battling the intense heat. This all becomes possible with inflatable technology.



Compared to traditional shelters, not only are inflatable solutions more practical, they are also extremely cost-effective, making them the ideal solution for emergency response teams.