Eliminating Static in Plastic Bag Manufacturing

A medical packaging manufacturer produces bags that provide safe storage for pharmaceuticals, the bags need to be static free.

The Problem

Unfortunately, their existing set-up allowed static to build up on a curtain tensioner that is used to keep proper tension on the bag material as it is fed through the line. This static was creating alignment and feed problems as the bag material stuck to the curtain and to itself. This caused considerable downtime as the line had to be stopped in order to unjam and realign the feed.

The Solution

A Model 111136 36" (914mm) Super Ion Air Knife System was positioned over the top of the tensioning curtain so that it blows ionised air down both sides. This solution eliminated all static issues with the curtain and, consequently, all misfeeds and miscuts down the line. Downtime and defects were decreased to less than 5% of the material processed.

Editor's Comments
Since the rubbing plastic bag material was constantly creating a static charge, the ability to continuously shower the entire tensioning curtain with static eliminating ions was the key to success in this application. The consistent, even flow of the Super Ion Air Knife was able to provide the solution.
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