Eliminate neighbourly noise

Pyrotek Noise Control's high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier Wavebar reduces inter-room noise transmission providing comfort, privacy and confidentiality.

As shown in diagram 1, poor sound insulation is a fundamental problem in high-density buildings. Without a solution to this problem diagram 1 shows that it can lead to a 'snowball effect' where high-density buildings have few advantages.  

According to Quality Planning (2013) the effects of loud noise range from general annoyance and speech interference right up to sleep disturbance and mental health issues.

New Zealand's building code clause G6.2 (2014) states: "Building elements which are common between occupancies shall be constructed to prevent undue noise transmission from other occupancies or common spaces to the habitable spaces of household units."

Pyrotek Noise Control's high-performance flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier Wavebar provides superior acoustic transmission loss. 

Wavebar prevents coincidence dip resonance. The dense core mass layer reflects and absorbs the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors, reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic audio technologies such as radio and television.

This ability makes Wavebar the ideal product choice for high density buildings where it can reduce noise transfer in walls and ceilings, control the level of crosstalk between acoustically-sensitive rooms, reduce inter-office noise transmission providing comfort, privacy and confidentiality, control external noise interference from aircraft, traffic and rain, and increase performance of existing structures through retrofitting over existing walls and covering with plasterboard.

Installation of Wavebar will provide the superior sound insulation required in high-density buildings leading to the advantages shown in diagram 2.

Wavebar can be produced for different specific situations including outdoors, low spread of flame and complete fire protection.