element14 eBook: IoT - Wearable Technology

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12 November, 2014

The element14 Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Technology eBook discusses the challenges and outlook of the IoT movement alongside practical examples of everyday Wearable Technology.


The function of the 'Internet of Things' is to digest and control objects in a way that we currently and typically do not.
For consumers, this could mean an Android app allowing you to check and adjust the temperature of your room without leaving your couch; or a wearable fitness device that can perform the same function, albeit from the trail.
Whatever the situation, you have AN OBJECT and a way to access it via the Internet.
Wearable Technology
Wearable technologies such as enhanced watches or wristbands can monitor your environment or your individual biometrics and transmit that data to the cloud, and then receive data via cloud services.

For example, cloud-based wellness programs enable self-monitoring of heart rate, caloric

intake and output, and enable data sharing with healthcare providers or personal trainers.

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