Dust control for port facilities in SA

Supplier: PIIAN Environmental Solutions
13 July, 2011

Bulk Sulfur Storage and Transfer Building.

Project Description:
A 7,500m2 / 150,000m3 Sulfur storage and transfer building receives 100,000 Tons of bulk Sulfur by mass truck transfer from a ship lead-out. The material is stockpiled within the building. The sulfur is gradually exported from the building by road train to various destinations.

Product Implemented:
Two Piian High Pressure Mist Dust Suppression Systems.


  • Suppress fire condition and mitigate explosion hazard from ignitable dust to allow safe entry to facility by Fire Service in emergency situation.
  • Prevent migration of fugitive dust off property and into surrounding sensitive aquatic environment.
  • Reduce dust to safe personal exposure limits.
  • Operation of dust suppression system in zones according to material handling activity.
  • Integration and activation of multiple dust suppression system zones.
  • Automatic activation / deactivation of system upon vehicle door opening / closing.
  • Automatic activation / deactivation of system per air moisture sensors.
  • Incorporate time out and fail save mechanisms to eliminate operator errors.
  • Meet AS explosion proof electrical requirements.

Design Solution:

  • 2 each Piian High Pressure Mist Dust Suppression Systems.
  • System 1 – 80 LPM, 70 BAR, 3 Zones, 300 Nozzles, Load / Unload, Roof Structure Zones.
  • System 2 – 80 LPM, 70 BAR, 3 Zones, 300 Nozzles, Roof Structure Zones.
  • Custom designed Operator Control Panel with 3 operational modes. Zone select / deselects, moisture override condition, pilot lights for zone selection / operation, high moisture status, start signal input from Fire Instrumentation Panel, output signal to Zone Control Panel.
  • 2 each Zone Controllers with Zone Control Panels, remote starts from operator control panel, interlocked starts to pump modules, status lights, manual overrides, status contacts, sum alarms back to operator control panel.
  • 3 each Moisture Control Panels with AS Intrinsically Safe moisture sensors.
  • Interlock functionality with Building Fire Instrumentation Panel.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Material selection for best corrosion resistance in Sulfur environment.

Project Activity:

  • Predesign: Site survey by Piian technician, predesign consultation. Production of +80 design drawings, process and instrumentation diagrams, electrical schematics, fittings / piping schedules, layout schematics, assembly diagrams / documents.
  • Installation: Site attendance by Piian technician at start of installation to communicate produced design to install team, explanation of best installation practices, integration of systems with other services under construction.
  • Startup: Site attendance by Piian technician to confirm installation integrity, liaison with FIP contractor, system startup and fine tuning, design drawings markups.
  • Finals: Operator training, produced detailed and site specific operation and maintenance manual, recommended spare parts list, maintenance schedule. Complete testing and handover of system. Submission of final drawings.

Customer Comments:

  • Completely satisfied.
  • Satisfied safety requirements / passed inspection for South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
  • Expedited delivery of a complex system to a fast track project with very tight time requirements.
  • Expert coordination with designers, prime contractor and multiple sub-contractors in chaotic circumstances with a looming deadline.
  • Quality and specification of system superior, especial for operation in a marine environment.
  • Complete automated operation of system.
  • Supplied manuals are excellent.
  • As built drawings are detailed and comprehensive.