Dix successfully forges its way into food processing

Supplier: Dix Engineering
13 October, 2014

G.J. Dix & Sons Pty Ltd ("Dix Engineering") is based in Renmark South Australia and has worked with the agriculture industry for many years.

Dix Engineering's capabilities are a result of investing in resources, rewarding and training personnel appropriately, committing to project timelines, and completing tasks to a high standard at all times.

We believe that our customer experience starts well before the customer has engaged our company to complete their project. 

Dix Engineering was established in 1923 by George Dix to provide engineering services and products to customers in the region engaged in agriculture and other customers needing specialised requirements.  

Dix Engineering has been completing various infrastructure projects and providing a variety of filtration products and pipe fittings. The company then decided to diversify and provide a much-needed product for the food produce industry. 

It embarked on this project and singlehandedly designed and built electronic hand labellers and automatic labelling machines capable of labelling a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. These machines are now extensively used throughout Australia with a solid reputation. The machines are recognised as being robust in design and simple in construction. The machines have few moving parts with carefully selected materials to keep maintenance to a minimum and ensure reliability.  There are a variety of models to suit labels of varying widths and sizes. The hand labellers are ergonomically designed to promote a quick easy action and can apply up to 6 standard labels per second with labour saving action and minimal operator fatigue.

A high speed automatic labelling machine has also been developed. This DIX labeller is a solidly constructed, mechanically simple and reliable labelling machine manufactured in Australia. The labeller is self-contained requiring only a light frame and a single phase power supply for installation. The labeller can be mounted on a variety of graders, singulators and conveyors. If the product is presented accurately to the labeller strike rates will exceed 95 per cent. Each labeller pivots independently to facilitate easy change of label rolls. A quick release mechanism enables easy removal of the labeller for maintenance. The labeller is also capable of labelling punnets, drink containers, boxes etc. The machine is capable of labelling 80-600 pieces of produce per minute.

The labelling machines have now been exported to more than 10 countries. This record is testimony to our commitment to service for customers and their requirements.

Independently owned and located in Renmark the company is proud of its records and achievements and continues to be Australian owned by a small group of the management team.

The labellers are Australian made and certain models are approved to CE, NATO, UL and VDS standards.

Dix Engineering is also quality certified AS/NZS ISO 9001.