12 May 2022

For increasing #hygiene requirements: #Preventing. #Cleaning. #Disinfecting.

#Hygiene is becoming more and more important not only in particularly hygiene-sensitive areas. In order to fulfill the associated disinfection requirements, #Hako scrubber-driers can be equipped with additional tools – both for large-area and more detailed applications. Hako’s machines therefore not only provide excellent cleaning results but also make a valuable contribution to preventing and containing the transmission of pathogens via contaminated surfaces.

The benefits of cleaning and disinfecting with Hako:

  • Only one machine for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Easy handling
  • Solutions for all areas: automated disinfection via the machine’s brush unit (standard equipment) and the spray bar or manual disinfection via the hand spray wand
  • Improved cleanliness and increased hygiene
  • Flexible application
  • Hygienically clean machine: with Hako-AntiBac®, our innovative feature equipping the tanks with antibacterial properties; plus easy access to all components enabling quick and reliable disinfection with the hand spray wand
  • Even more efficient application with Hako-AquaControl

Suitable solutions for all areas

Floors, walls, door handles, or grips: All objects and surfaces that come into physical contact with people are potential sources of infection where germs, fungus, and bacteria are easily transmitted from one person to another, even without any personal contact. As each application area poses different demands on cleaning and disinfection tasks, Hako offers optimally adapted options to apply disinfectants to objects and surfaces– up to a solution providing cleaning and disinfecting in a single working step.