Diesel Fuel Quality Is A Question Not A Guarantee

Diesel engine designs striving to increase engine performance have made great advancements in engine fuel delivery to the combustion chamber.

Today’s diesel engine is quieter, smoother, and more powerful. But today’s diesel engine owners are overlooking one important factor. The quality of today’s diesel fuel has not advanced at the same rate as the engine improvements.

Diesel fuel begins to deteriorate as soon as it is produced. Within 30 days of refining, all diesel fuel regardless of brand, goes through a natural process called re-polymerization and oxidation. This process forms varnishes and insoluble gums in the fuel by causing the molecules of the fuel to lengthen and bond together. These components now drop to the bottom of the fuel tank and form asphaltene
also known as diesel sludge. The fuel begins to turn dark in color, smell bad, and in most cases causes engines to smoke. The engines smoke because some of these clusters in the early stages are small enough in size to pass through the engine filtration and into the combustion chamber. As these clusters increase in size, only part of the molecule gets burned. The rest goes out the exhaust as unburned fuel and smoke. With increases in cluster size they begin to reduce the flow of fuel by clogging filters. The filters only address the symptom and not the cause.

It is estimated that eight out of every ten diesel engine failures have been directly related to poor quality and contaminated fuel. The build-up of contaminates in the fuel systems and storage tanks can quickly clog filters, thus resulting in engine shut down, fuel pump wear, and diesel engine damage.

Storage Tanks are also fuel tanks in Trucks; Vehicles; Boats & Machinery that sits around for months on end not being used.

The Best Fuel Filter available, cannot remove the very minute metal particles of soluable zinc.

This NEW FORMULA BITRON "GENESIS" D110 Diesel Treatment has been designed to clean the diesel to "PRISTINE" Condition, far better than any other Diesel Treatment in the Market place.

The sulphur was required to be removed from diesel fuel, by the Environmental Protection Agency and is to be Worldwide. Sulphur in the exhaust emissions was very harmful to humans. Even in Australia the diesel exhaust emissions are known to have killed more than 1000 people each year.

Even though we now have a cleaner diesel fuel, which is great for our health, the sulphur was the main lubricant in the fuel. Sulphur also acted as an antioxidant in holding the power/energy in the Diesel. Without the sulphur the fuel in storage will now deteriorate. The Bi-tron Conditioner will stop the re-polymerization and oxidation and hold the fuel at the manufactured quality.

The diesel, we are now using in our engines has so little lubrication, that oil companies have, at last, admitted they needed to put a lubricant into the diesel. However from my investigations I find that fuel system servicing people are telling me that there is not enough lubricant in the diesel. Injector nozzle pintles are scoring badly, which prevents the Diesel fuel from atomizing correctly in the combustion chamber, therefore the fuel is not burning completely. There are far more vehicles on the roads today with smoky exhausts, than ever before. The rotary fuel pumps on most modern day vehicles are completely fuel lubricated. As the fuel is abrasive, the fuel is wearing these fuel pumps, and other fuel lubricated metal parts.

Everyone forgets the top ring on the Piston is ONLY fuel lubricated. The Fuel needs to contain a good lubricant. The Bitron Chemist had the opportunity to “mechanically” test, quite a number of the most popular “diesel fuel treatments” and NONE proved mechanically, to have a lubricant to benefit the metal in the engines, fuel pumps and injector pintles. Bitron D110 Diesel Treatment has proved to eliminate fuel problems associated with the latest "common rail" systems. Bitron D110 Treated Diesel is 100% "PRISTINE" Clean.

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