Cylindrical Product Handling with V Conveyors

Available as either roller or belt conveyors, a "V" conveyor system will help you overcome the handling difficulties experienced in transporting or accumulating cylindrical products whilst improving efficiently.

Cylindrical products are often difficult to transport or accumulate and store on conveyor systems due to the shape of the product.

The design of the V conveyor use two smaller conveyors set in a "V" configuration means cylindrical shaped products are easily moved across the conveyor without getting damaged, stuck or jammed.

Features of the V conveyor are:

  • Safe and efficient low voltage 24VDC motor. Offering safety and low ongoing running costs.  Energy savings of up to 30 per cent can be realised.

  • Robust and unique Gearbox Design. The motor and gearbox are contained within the roller body and offer low ongoing running and maintenance costs. Powerful and efficient the drives are available in various diameters, configurations, torque and speed ranges.

  • Provides a wide range of speed and power using low energy.
    Available in a wide variety of mechanical configurations, produce instantaneous torque, and are available in a wide range of speeds. The drive controls are modular and allow for a multitude of adjustments that allow the drives to be tuned to any application.
  • Simple and reliable design, with an IP54 rating.
    The design of the motor drive roller is contemporary and can be incorporated into most conveyor types, it looks neat, compact and clean and performs efficiently with minimal maintenance required.

We can supply you with powered or non-powered V conveyors as either roller or belt conveyors. Also available are a variety of materials and surface finishes to suit your application.

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