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Microchannel Cooled Laser Diodes
Microchannel Cooled Laser Diodes

Cutting Edge Optronics is the leading provider of high-power diode laser arrays, high power pump modules and DPSS lasers.

CEO® offers you a full line of conductively cooled, water cooled or microchannel cooled laser diodes and stacks. Choose from our wide range of standard product offerings including our new Golden Bullet arrays for long pulse (>500 µs) applications.

Copper based microchannel coolers have long proven themselves to be a highly effective means of cooling high power diode lasers.  Unfortunately, the operating lifetime of these copper coolers has been limited by corrosion and erosion based wear out mechanisms of their integrated cooling water channels.  DI water requirements have also added to overall system complexity and cost.  While CEO continues to offer traditional copper based microchannel coolers to its existing customers, a transition is well underway to displace the copper based products with ICECUBED (IC3) technology - a ceramic material based, next generation thermal management platform for high power/brightness diode laser applications.

CEO's new, patented, IC3 cooler eliminates all the of the drawbacks of its copper based predecessors.  The use of proprietary ceramic materials instead of copper eliminates the requirement for de-ionized water plus the associated cost of expensive DI re-circulating water chiller system.  It also offers dramatically increased operating lifetimes.

High power laser diode stacks are used in applications such as DPSS laser pumping, welding, heat-treating and therapeutic medical systems.

Copper Based Stacks:

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