Cutting edge air beam technology for portable inflatable shelters

Supplier: Giant Inflatables Industrial By: Lee Ostilly
21 November, 2016

The XBEAM Revolution has created the ultimate Portable Inflatable Shelter for emergency and first response or remote site service workshops or office.

Giant Inflatables has bent the proverbial technical envelope with the development of their new range of XBeam inflatable shelters.

This is the remarkable air beam inflatable technology at its best. This practical “inflate and go” shelter has taken the industry standard portable shelter to new levels of practical, easy to use sophistication.

As the ultimate Portable Inflatable shelter for emergency and first response, or remote site service workshop or office, it is really unlike anything else. The self erecting inflate and go, air beam system means that this range of inflatable shelters is incredibly stable and is so stiff that it will support a man hanging in the centre.

This unique cutting edge inflatable design is based on a geodesic dome geometry. Its stable aerodynamic shape offers an unparallel level of modular expansion. Units can adjoin to any of the 4 faces, forming a weatherproof assembly of comfortable multi use spaces.

Technically its built to endure the harshest situations with modern materials and assembly techniques utilized throughout.

The air beam frame is made from military grade inflatable boat materials, welded together then reinforced circumferentially.

This makes an air frame of unappalled rigidity. The Fire Retardant cover incorporates heavy duty double sided zips on all 4 sides to allow openings to neatly fold away to insect screened openings. The entire envelope is made flood proof by incorporating an all inclusive welded ground sheet floor.

The Ezy Shelter XBeam fast response inflatable workstation is an ideal first responders shelter for:

  • Disaster relief first response;
  • Command and control rooms;
  • Decontamination;
  • Paramedical stations and First Aid tents;
  • Crime scene operations;
  • Emergency team change rooms;
  • Food prep kitchens;
  • Ambulance services;
  • Equipment dry rooms;
  • Media briefings.

The Ezy Shelter XBeam is the perfect all weather shelter for:

  • Landscapers;
  • Field Farm workers;
  • Food Prep Kitchens;
  • Demonstrations
    Security companies;
  • Event organizers;
  • Welding operations;
  • Surface laying contractors

The Ezy Shelter XBeam adds more space when you need at:

  • Factories;
  • Panel shops;
  • Site offices;
  • Produce Stores;
  • Furniture storages;
  • Building sites;
  • Picket lines;
  • Service centers

The advanced design aesthetic is neat, business like and practical with full color branding as part of the great package. It is supplied as a complete ready to operate system. It is the most versatile Inflatable Air beam structure on the market today.