Customer testimonial: Bi-tron for the boating industry

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication By: G. Fuller
29 January, 2010

I run a small business in Perth where I manufacture stainless steel products for the boating and marine industry.

Drilling and cutting stainless steel is very destructive to drill bits and saw blades without the aid of cooling and cutting oils, water and other messy compounds and it was not always convenient to use them.

After finding out about Bi-tron (Bitron) Penetrating lubricant and its ability to reduce friction 1 tried a small amount on the end of a drill bit and was very happy with the results.

Not only did I use a very small amount at the start of drilling but the drill cut its way through the stainless steel with ease and was considerably cooler too.

I have found this product to be a major talking point with boat owners as it has demonstrated an ability to penetrate, lubricate and to do a job far quicker and work for longer where other products have failed.

G. Fuller,

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