LMK heater jacket fitted to Nylex Bulkibox
LMK heater jacket fitted to Nylex Bulkibox

A Project carried out for United Group has seen SBH Solutions and LMK Thermosafe design and deliver five IBC1 heater jackets for use with Bulkiboxes.

The process of delivery was a chance to show how quickly a new jacket design can be manufactured and delivered.

"The United Project gave us the opportunity to show how we can develop and deliver a non-standard jacket within a four to five week period, without the LMK people actually seeing the container itself," says Nigel Smalls of SBH Solutions.

"This is partly due to our expertise in Australia in knowing what to look for, in this case how to make the side discharge flap / cover work effectively," he continues.

The first jacket was fast tracked for delivered to Adelaide from the UK and fitted within two weeks of the original measurements being taken. Virtually spot on! A few adjustments in the form of millimetre changes to the lid corner post slot, and the rest of the order was made and delivered in the remaining time period.

One of the requirements of the Project was that the same jacket be useable on both 1000 and 1500 litre side discharge Bulkiboxes.

As this is an anti-freeze application, the heating element in the IBC1 is in the bottom half of the jacket, so the issue to deal with was the additional uncovered height on the larger unit. This was achieved by lengthening the 'skirt' sides of the separate lid cover.

"The lid looks a little long when used on the 1000 litre Bulkibox (as per photograph) but comes into its own on the 1500 litre unit," concludes Nigel.

Bulkibox heater jackets are now part of the made to order range and can be supplied generally within three weeks of order.