Custom Fluidpower partners with Scanwill

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
28 August, 2014

Custom Fluidpower has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor of hydraulic pressure intensifiers manufactured by Scanwill Fluid Power ApS.

The Scanwill MP-Series of hydraulic pressure intensifiers offers reciprocating operation, and uses selected ratio to automatically increase a supplied pressure to a higher end pressure.

Scanwill's hydraulic pressure intensifier supports pressure ranges up to 4000 bar/ 60,000 psi and flow rates up 80lpm/21gpm, and works with hydraulic and water glycol fluids.

Scanwill MP-Series hydraulic pressure intensifiers find application in machine tooling, automotive, construction, mining, energy, and oil and gas industries.

The new affiliation between the two companies will ensure Scanwill's high quality MP-Series products will be available nationally through Custom Fluidpower's eight branches.

Custom Fluidpower is a wholly Australian owned company offering complete system design, installation and commissioning services along with hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration and lubrication product sales, service and repairs.

Custom Fluidpower services the agricultural, aerospace, exploration, industrial, marine, mobile, mining and material handling industries Australia wide.