Cubic Defense is one of Australia's leadng military simulations experts, specialising in full scale battalion warfare using laser equipment.

Fitting out an entire battalion, including all vehicles, is no easy task. Using laser equipment and sensors military simulations can be created in real world battle field conditions. Fitting all this equipment is very time consuming and much of the equipment is highly sensitive and cannot get wet, hence the need to be done in doors. Finding the space to kit an entire battalion while out on the field was a problem Cubic Defence needed a solution for to ensure their operation went as smooth as possible. 

Giant Inflatables Industrial's genius team went right to work on creating a huge Air Frame portable shelter that cubic defence could use to fit their batalions in. Our solution included some remarkable features that made their operation not only smooth but comfortable as well. Made using an Air Frame covered by military grade PVC to create a huge all weather shelter that could be used year round our shelter was the perfect solution. Fitted with both heating and cooling systems Cubic Defence was able to use theor shelter in the dead of winter AND in australias scorching summers. Utilising a full lighting solution enable's work to continue well into the night hours ensuring all equipment was fitting on time and was ready for simulations at a moments notice. Full ventilation systems ensured the environment stayed clean and fume free while vehicles were worked on as well as silenced fans made work inside the shelter comfortable and easy.

Our Air Frame portable inflatable proved to be a simple yet perfect solution for a complex military problem!

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