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Supplier: Stormor Shelving Australia
02 April, 2009

An efficiently organised warehouse has many benefits. By optimising and organising the way inventory is stored, a business will automatically increase usable storage space, create safer work areas, faster picking, easier stocktaking, and generally better efficiency all round.

An efficiently organised warehouse has many benefits. By optimising and organising the way inventory is stored, a business will automatically increase usable storage space, create safer work areas, faster picking, easier stocktaking, and generally better efficiency all round. Depending on the application, there is a vast array of off-the-shelf and tailor made storage solutions available. Australian manufacturers like Stormor Shelving Australia  can respond to local needs quickly and efficiently and have personal representation across Australia to handle new projects and after sales back-up service. Storage is a serious business and needs to be safe. For this reason Stormor products are produced and installed under strict quality management systems, which are consistently upgraded to meet industrial standards and comply with Australian Standards.

Mezzanine Floors "Double you space"
Storage solutions can come in many forms, and because every business is different it's not unusual that there are a number of creative storage solutions available. Take mezzanine flooring for example - a clever low-cost solution which increases the floor area of existing or new buildings. The DuraGal Mezzanine Flooring System by Stormor offers a high strength, light weight flooring system which is assembled onsite without the need for welding. In fact it only requires basic tools to assemble. The system also allows for the height of the columns to be adjusted, therefore compensating for any variations in the slab. Once installed, the structural floor provides a strong foundation for storage both beneath and above. Mezzanine floors are available in a multitude of options, this system can be configured to suit just about any application. Racking Floors are a flexible option consisting of uprights, beams, shelves, decks, handrails and stairs. Additional storage floors can be incorporated into the pallet racking with walkways to allow pedestrian access for order picking. This maximises all available headroom and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking. It is the ideal solution for utilising a warehouse’s height and space. It can also accommodate sophisticated automated picking systems. Mezzanine floors are used across all industries.

Selective Pallet Racking "Pick and choose what you like"
Selective pallet racking is exactly as it sounds - a pallet storage system that allows you to selectively add and remove pallets from storage. This multi-tiered storage solution is the most popular system used, and little wonder as it is arguably the most efficient of its kind. Providing direct access to all pallets, this system provides high capacity storage, can be easily adjusted to different heights to accommodate various load sizes, and has low equipment and capital costs. This is convenient for a warehouse that needs to store a wide variety of product sizes. Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually allowing rapid handling of almost all types of palletised goods.

Longspan "The best looking steel shelving around"
Steel shelving has long been a practical solution for carrying large weight loads. Unfortunately it has had a reputation for being somewhat rough around the edges in the retail world. That was until Stormor produced an aesthetically pleasing version of longspan shelving. This tough system has a hidden slot pattern in the rear of the posts, creating a sleek and sophisticated look that architects and shop fitters need - it's simply the best looking shelving system in the market. In addition to its good looks is the simplicity of the system. With only three components including frames, beams and decking, installation is a simple process with many buyers choosing to assemble Longspan themselves. Longspan is fully powdercoated for a tough durable finish and can be adjusted to suit any area, gaining much additional storage space as possible. The heavy duty "step beam" construction increases the available opening space of each level without leaving any sharp edges for people to be injured on. Depending on the configuration, shelves can take up to 1400kg (UDL). With three standard frame heights available at 2100mm, 2400mm and 3000mm, and special sizes also available on request, Longspan has the adaptability to suit any situation.

Rivet Shelving - "No Nuts or Bolts Required"
If your looking for a versatile and inexpensive shelving solution take a look at Rivet Shelving. Don't be fooled by the name, there is no riveting involved in the assembly, and the only tool you'll need is a rubber mallet. The name relates to the strong "double rivet beams" which lock into key-hole slots within the uprights. From a few standard components you can create rigid, very accessible shelving units with capacities of up to 300kgs per shelf level. Stormor Rivet Shelving offers a world of versatile solutions for many shelving applications. Decked with 16mm MDF, with the MDF for the 1500mm and 1800mm wide shelves supplied in 2 pieces for easier handling. Posts and beams are supplied with a high quality powder-coated finish. The system is quick and easy to assemble, can be adjusted every 38mm and can be accessed from all four sides.

Where to start?
Talk to the experts. Optimising your warehouse with effective storage solutions requires experience. You should start by contacting a storage solution company like Stormor. They have been helping businesses become more efficient since 1958. Their experienced team can deliver off the shelf or tailored storage for any application. As an Australian manufacturer Stormor can respond to local needs quickly and efficiently with personal service and fast project turnaround.

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