Cool your workshop or shed by 9-14°C, without air conditioning!

Supplier: Cost Effective Maintenance By: Brid Walker
03 March, 2017

A new, easy and cost-effective way to cool your warehouse, shed or workshop by converting your roof to a “cool surface”.

By reflecting the heat off your roof, and back to where it came from. Just as Earth’s snow and ice cover reflect the Sun’s heat energy back into outer space, applying a reflective "cool surface" coating of Xtroll Silver to your roof will bounce most of the Sun’s heat straight off. This results in a cooler workspace.

Using Xtroll Silver will reduce Roof cavity temperatures by 9-14C. Xtroll Silver treated roof, you’ll pay less to run air conditioning, and in many cases, you won’t need to turn it on!

Xtroll Silver is ideal for use on roofs:

  • sheds
  • workshops
  • warehouses
  • homes
  • caravans, campers
  • galvanised roofs, gutters
  • air con units

"I recently coated the roof of my Land Rover and Unimog. In the recent heatwave, without using air conditioning, I was impressed that I still remained comfortable driving both vehicles. In addition, you couldn’t put your hand on the normal paint work, yet I could comfortably hold my hand on the Xtroll Silver paintwork" says Brid Walker.

Two quick, easy to apply coatings are all it takes in most cases. It gives excellent rust protection as well. Xtroll Silver will make it much cooler, and cost much less than normal roof coatings, because of its big coverage, integrated rust protection and greatly reduced labour time.

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