Conveyor Cleaning Technology has Leapt Forward

BioSteam is a specialist supplier of industrial steam cleaning equipment for the food industry. In particular we supply a range of portable and fixed conveyor belt cleaners from KHD in the UK.

Biosteam, a Queensland based and Australian owned business has been supplying commercial and industrial mobile steam cleaning units for over 15 years

Now with KHD range of automated conveyor belt cleaning systems which are designed and manufactured in the UK, they can offer complete turnkey solutions for numerous conveyors belts within the food industry.

Using less than thirty litres of water per hour the systems clean and sanitise in one process

“We are delighted to have secured sole agency for Keith Handy Design (KHD) unique and proven systems” said Neil Hodkinson MD biosteam, “we can now offer our clients incredible benefits; from increasing product shelf life, to drastic time and labour savings, all in the most environmentally sound way possible” he enthused

The KHD systems are mobile, portable and surprisingly effective. They are proven worldwide within dry cleaning environments such as bread, bakeries and chocolate biscuits, cakes and pastry environments where excess water can cause significant issues

“We are quite satisfied and somewhat shocked how quick and simple the system was, our ATPs fell from over 7000 on the uncleaned belt to 24 within 3 rotations of the belt using less than 5 litres in 15 minutes, wow!” confirmed a production manager from a well know food manufacturer

There are basically 3 systems available, dependant on the belt type and production soil

The recently released Jet 4 system offers incredible results, on Intralox, open type modular belts

A robotic arm moves a “spinner” back and forward across a moving belt. The vapour steam, at less than 5% moisture then knocks debris from every nook and cranny

“Accelerated, destructive testing after 10 years equivalent use, shows absolutely zero damage to the belt, in fact superior cleaning of the interlocking gaps should increase belt live” Mr Hodkinson confirmed

The Jet 4 is the latest model, released just a few months ago. It offers programmable settings that recall the belt size, speed and debris level of the belt and runs the set programme for that individual belt

The other two systems are designed to clean AND vacuum on flat web belts

There are portable systems, 5 minute set up and breakdown, these clean the food contact surface and leave a belt clean and sanitised. The belts are run through the cleaning head where dry steam is injected, held in a chamber, and then vacuumed on exit from the head

The second flat belt system is return mounted and can be run continually during production.

The systems can be single or twin sided, so enabling both sides of a belt to be immaculately clean on every rotation of the belt.

We have the largeset continuous dual head system in the world working on the sunshine coast

“Not only have we saved a client a vast amount of money on belt replacement, we are achieving almost sterile results” explained Neil Hodkinson “The client immediately ordered a second system to be matched to their new production line” ”The payback was a no-brainer “ Neil quips

Up until now the industry has relied on scrapers, water nozzles, air blowing and chemical cleaning

With the Biosteam and KHD partnership offering to reduce labour, reduce chemical and well as waste streams, the future is looking bright for this innovative and unique company