Consumable, Shipping Simulation & Load Containment Testing

Supplier: FROMM Packaging Australia
15 March, 2019

FROMM offer a total packaging testing solution. We take the guess work out and provide you with detailed information and make recommendations to help improve your packaging performance during transit.

Your first impression with any customer is your product packaging. When you ship a product, you trust that the product will arrive in the same condition that it left in. But its not always the case. It’s estimated that returns can be as high as 4% due to damage through transit. For companies that are moving thousands of pallets per month, the cost significance of product returns can be detrimental to your overall profit line.

The benefit of partnering with FROMM is that we offer a total packaging testing solution. We take the guess work out and provide you with detailed information and make recommendations to help improve your packaging performance during transit. 

FROMM Packaging provide the following test solutions: 

Load Containment Testing

At its most basic, Containment Force is the hugging pressure that holds your load together. Containment Force is the result of the number of revolutions of the stretch film multiplied by the wrap force (tightness). It's the key specification in reducing damage and ensuring safe to ship loads.

FROMM Packaging use a specialised testing cube to determine what pre stretch level and wrapping machine settings will provide the best balance of puncture resistance and load containment.

As we run these tests, we acquire data which can be graphed that will show the compression force the film applies to the load during the wrapping process, puncture resistance of the final wraps, and resistance to further stretching of the wrapped film (containment force) versus time. We can also measure the force required to stretch the film. We can get a real time graph of this data and we can see how it changes at different points in cycles.

Consumable Testing

FROMM Consumable Testing confirms technical specifications against manufacturers claims and minimises the risks of inferior load containment. Our services include:


  • Seal joint efficiency
  • Split testing
  • Elongation
  • Breaking strain
  • Testing to manufacturers specification

Stretch Wrapping Films:

  • Stretch ratio and elongation
  • Puncture testing
  • Testing to manufacturers specification

With the global market, suppliers often quote a “foreign” standards such as an EU or US specification. For the testing of strapping material we follow ISO 1421. Additionally we will compare strapping materials against our library of “similar” product to confirm specifications could be considered “industry norms”.

For stretch film and pallet containment ASTM D4649 standards for containment force, in conjunction with puncture resistance. The standards can also include various individual country standards and the important EU Guidelines for safe transit.

Shipping Simulation Testing

FROMM Packaging has specialised testing equipment that can simulate the conditions a pallet goes through during transport. The new FROMM Transport Simulator enables FROMM to do in-house testing on load stabilisation and stress on load in transit, a first for the Packaging Industry in Australia.

Essentially the FROMM Transport Simulator replicates the forces a pallet will face during transit using sustained tilt testing. Loads with friction need to be titled to 38.5 degrees to replicate 0.8G force or 80% of the weight of the load in a forward braking situation to meet the National Transport Commission (NTC) guidelines.

The effects of these tests are monitored and recorded using a laser profile scanner. The load is scanned before and after the tilt to record and quantify the effect of the forces. The information is recorded and data is provided in a report format and shared with the customer.

The FROMM Transport Simulator testing means you can scientifically apply the right amount of packaging materials (wrap or strap) to contain the load during transport.