Common mistakes to avoid when selecting a CMMS

A CMMS offers a sophisticated and effective way for organisations to manage and control their assets.
A CMMS offers a sophisticated and effective way for organisations to manage and control their assets.

When your organisation has decided to invest in and implement a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), it is essential that the options are carefully analysed so that the most appropriate system is selected.

It is only when a business selects a CMMS that is effectively aligned with its needs and operations that the most desirable benefits — including cost savings — will be realised.

What is a CMMS?
Briefly put, a CMMS (or predictive maintenance or maintenance tracking software system) offers a sophisticated and effective way for organisations to manage and control their assets, plant and equipment maintenance needs. These functions and tasks are of particular relevance and use to the service, facilities and manufacturing industries. A CMMS is therefore a computerised method used to control all aspects of the planning of the tasks necessary for the safe and effective maintenance of a facility.
Ultimately, maintenance tracking is one of the most significant and incredibly useful ways that a business can benefit from such a system.
Like so many other things, careful planning and preparation is critical to the successful implementation of a CMMS. In order to facilitate the successful implementation of such maintenance software, a business needs to prepare for CMMS implementation, and in the process of selecting maintenance software, there are a number of mistakes of which people should be mindful and take action to avoid.
Failing to define needs and requirements
Every business should ensure that its needs and requirements are specifically and accurately defined. It is only when the individual needs of the business are identified and prioritised that systems can be chosen and implemented to effectively meet their needs.
Neglecting to consider and evaluate all of the alternatives
It is vitally important and worthwhile to carefully appraise and compare all of the different CMMS options so that the most suitable, tailored and relevant package can be chosen for the individual business
Overlooking the need to prepare business data
If you wish for your business’s data to be usable, it needs to be offered in an organised and accessible form that can easily translate and be used within the new maintenance software system. Taking the time to organise your data in this way can pay dividends and eliminate problems that may well arise.
Not installing and testing the hardware and software that is needed
Installation and comprehensive testing of the relevant hardware and software will help to eliminate problems and issues that may be confronted.
Inputting data incorrectly
In order to create a system that is accurate and devoid of bugs, it is crucial that data and key business information (upon which your business will operate) is entered accurately.
Not investing the time (and quite possibly money) required to train personnel to confidently use the system
No system is completely intuitive and able to be used to its full advantage unless staff and other key personnel receive the training required to make them confident and capable users. In order to realise the full potential of such a system and have staff understand all of its capabilities and possibilities, it is essential to equip staff with quality training and the skills and knowledge needed to become confident and proficient.
Not enlisting the help of professionals as and when required
Like so many new things, the successful implantation of a CMMS requires tailoring to individual needs and circumstances; in this case, the needs and circumstances of the business. Professionals can help to advise of the maintenance software packages and hardware solutions that will best fit the business. The support of professionals can also be invaluable if and when problems arise.
With planning and foresight, it is possible to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can be experienced when selecting a CMMS.
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