Client testimonials: CKC Civil Construction Equipment

CKC Civil Construction Equipment
CKC Civil Construction Equipment

The following are some of the customer testimonials for CKC Civil Construction Equipment.

Over the next couple of years it is our intention to run the majority of our works with these machines as well as developing new additives to the kerb to produce a better kerb.

Should you require any further information or would like to visit sites where we are using the machines please contact CKC to arrange a suitable date and time.

Shadforths Civil Contractors
Peter and Noelene Shadforth established Shadforths Civil Engineering Contractors in Jan 2000. With over 120 employees and a plant fleet of one hundred pieces of equipment, Shadforths are a ‘force to be reckoned with', based in Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

With clients including Stocklands and Lend Lease, Shadforths are involved in various civil contracting projects including subdivisional projects, bulk earthworks, stormwater, sewer and watermains.

Shadforth Engineer Paul Barnes has been in the industry for over 30 years and he has been very impressed with the new pipe cutter and beveller from CKC Equipment. Used primarily on water main and sewer works, Paul has noted a marked increase in productivity. Paul told us that, "the pipe cutter is easy to use once you get used to it and it is really easy to maintain. The best way to describe it is fast and safe and I am more than happy to recommend both this product and the supplier to your readers".

Newnham Earthmoving P/L
Doug Newnham has been in the industry for 45 years and his family business, Newnham Earthmoving P/L, was founded in 1927. Servicing the Romsey area of  Victoria, this long established business has provided quality, affordable service for both local government and the private sector.

Boasting an extensive plant fleet including excavators, backhoes, graders, bulldozer, scrapers and rollers etc. and currently employing 38 staff and operators, Newnham's specialise in the construction of roads, drainage, water and sewer reticulation in Central Victoria.

Doug noticed the pipe cutter and beveller in Final Trim Magazine and took one out on trial.  He found the device to be "a lot safer and quicker than other methods and it provides a much more accurate, even chamfer. This increases both safety and productivity on the job" Doug said. "Operators will find this product very easy to use once they get used to it and I am happy to recommend it to other operators". Doug was also impressed with the service and support from inventor and manufacturer, Mike Stratford Smith of CKC.

Scott Nicholas of Nicholas Constructions during a meeting with Final Trim Magazine has the following to say when asked about the CKC Pipe Cut and Bevel Tool.

FT - I believe you are currently using the Pipe Cut and Beveller from CKC Equipment.  Where and how did you first hear about the product?  SN - I first saw the Pipe Cutter in Final Trim Magazine and went to CKC and bought it.

FT - What projects have you used it for?  SN - We have had heaps of civil work since we bought the pipe cutter from CKC and have used the device any time we have to cut pipes.

FT - What advantages does this product provide?  SN - Saves in labour costs and gets the job done qui cker - good time saver.

FT - Have you noticed any increase in productivity from using this product?  SN - Yes for sure!

FT - Does this product improve operator safety?  SN - Absolutely, this is a much safer way to cut and bevel pipes.

FT - Is it easy or hard to use?  SN - Yes it is really easy to use.

FT - Is it easy or hard to maintain?  SN - There is very little maintenance required.

FT - Would you recommend this product to our readers?  SN - I'd recommend the pipe cutter, for sure.

FT - How would you rate the service and after sales service and dealer support that you have received form CKC?  SN - Brilliant couldn't get better.  Mike is a great guy and goes out of his way to make sure his clients are happy.

Ken Hunter from Caboolture City Council while talking to Final Trim had the following to say about the PVC and Ductile Iron Pipe Cut & Beveller.

FT - Final Trim asks Ken about his experience with the device.  KH - It was demonstrated onsite by the manufacturer, Mike Stratford-Smith, and we saw its worth immediately.  As council already owns two CKC Kerb Cleaners, which were also manufactured by Mike, we were more than willing to try out the Pipe Cutting and Bevelling tool.  Since we have had it the machine has not gone a week without being used by different crews involved in pipe laying.  In one operation it cuts thru the pipe and bevels as it goes.  Brilliant!  Best practices and time saving.

FT - Have you noticed any increase in productivity from using this product?  KH - A cut was previously done with a cut off saw, followed by using an angle grinder to bevel or even worse, using the cut off saw to do a rough bevel, which then most of the times produced an inferior bevel.

FT - Does this product meet and improve operator safety?  KH - Presently there is no other hand held outdoor power saw that I know that does the job it does.

FT - Is it easy or hard to use?  KH - As long as the operator has had chainsaw training, it is well within the ability of that person.  With all power equipment care must be taken.

FT - Is it easy or hard to maintain? KH - Very easy.  Once again, if you have had chainsaw training then the Pipe Cut and Beveller is no different in its operation.  There is a chain to adjust, an air filter to clean and general machine cleanliness, which are typical user maintenance items.

FT - Would you recommend this product to our readers?  KH - Of course!  To use a tool that provides a safe, fast and professional pipe cut surface is important in an industry where staff and a machine standing idle while pipes as cut to length and bevelled.

FT - How would you rate the dealer support that you have received from CKC?  KH - CKC is at the top end.  Council has done business with CKC for nearly 3 years.  CKC provide a high level of customer service at sales, providing consumables, and are always interested in the customer's ongoing satisfaction with the product.

The Contractors Kerb Cleaner has proved invaluable at the City of Campbelltown re its time saving attributes, as well as protecting workers from injuries, such as back & shoulder strain.

We have found it to be reliable, very easy to use and low maintenance. This is a great product that increases productivity, reduces labour costs and improves worker morale. With no training required and the adjustable handle height it can be operated by any of the crew and greatly reduces the risk of back injury. I am happy to recommend this machine to anyone who expresses interest.

Ken Vince, Major Project Co-ordinator, City of Campbelltown SA.

Hi Mike,

I wish to pass on to you some feedback on the Contractors Kerb Cleaner. Although we only purchased the Kerb Cleaner three months ago I have had very positive feedback from my supervisors and field staff. One of the main reasons we purchased the machine is because of the obvious potential to reduce back and neck injuries that we have seen in the past when shovelling gutters out by hand.

With the old manual way we used to have two labourers, a machine to shovel into and a truck to dump spoil on to. Now with the Kerb Cleaner the resources are limited to one man operating the machine thus reducing the cost of the exercise as well as doing the task much quicker. I believe we have made a smart purchase and have no hesitation in recommending the product to other companies.

Cameron Davidson, Technical Supervisor, Dalby Town Council, QLD.