Client testimonial: Bi-tron penetrating lubricant

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication By: Bruce Noyce, ACT
11 February, 2010

My name is Bruce Noyce and I operate a business in the ACT where I service industrial machinery on site. I've been in this business for many years and I have a big clientele of constructural engineering companies.

The service work I do varies greatly; the cranes used on site by these companies has a particular metal to metal slide which was supposed to be greased once a week; the build up of grease eventually fell off the booms and at times ended up in the eyes of the ground crew. Once the Bi-tron Pene Lube was used there was no fall out and the slides needs a spray with the Pene Lube once a month only.

I also do a lot of Pipe servicing. The large diameter flanges have many bolts and nuts to be removed. These bolts and nuts are always rusted from period of time in the weather. I spray these bolts and nuts with the Bi-tron Pene Lube leave for a couple of hours which allows the Pene Lube to penetrate and the nuts can be removed easily.

When I have parallel couplings to remove from shafts that have frozen on in place; I attempt to pull the couplings with a puller, sometimes the couplings refuse to move and sometimes they will only move a little and stop. All I need to do is heat the couplings up to a cherry red and spray the Bi-tron Pene Lube where it would run along the shaft and the puller can then remove the couplings with little effort. The Pene Lube smokes from the heat, however, the Bi-tron will still do it's work in penetrating.

There are many more areas where I use the Bi-tron Pene Lube.

This is the best penetrating and quick lubricant product I have ever used.

I can recommend all the Bi-tron Products without hesitation.

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