Traditional cleaning methods remove dirt manually using water and chemicals, but some dirt can remain in the pores of the surfaces.

These disinfectants act mainly on the surface, so bacteria can survive and be ready to grow again. The cleaned surface reflects the light and looks sparkling, but it is only a visual impression of cleanliness.

By using Vaportech technology, high temperature steam reaches the organic material deep down into the surface. The dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be eliminate by using only water and micro fiber cloths, effectively restricting further germ growth. Residual water used is 100% biodegradable.

Steam cleaning removes dirt, while cleaning and sanitising at the same time. By cleaning with steam, every millimeter of the surface it touches releases dirt and dissolves grease.  The residue left is only pure water (damp not wet) which will dry quickly.

The inferior mop-and-bucket method of cleaning leaves chemicals and dirt smeared over targeted surfaces, while also moving grim into hard to reach corners and crevices. Overtime this buildup causes the floor not only to be slippery and unsafe but tile grouts to hold a large majority of this dirt and chemical buildup.

Furthermore, people with environmental sensitivity can benefit greatly, as dust mites from mattresses, pillows and carpets are able to be eliminated effectively. Many people that  tend to react to chemical cleaning agents, find cleaning with dry steam, sanitises large areas without leaving strong chemical odours or traces of these toxic chemicals on environmental surfaces.