Cleaning transformer oil

Supplier: Clean Oil Services By: Clean Oil Services P/L
20 April, 2010

Good results achieved by cleaning transformer oil with the Lubemaster OS600.

Approximately 100 litres of waste Shell Diala M transformer oil was decanted into the Lubemaster. 

An initial sample of the oil was taken and testing showed the following results

Water % of Saturation 68%
Dielectric Strength 5kV
Particle Count: 15um 254.2
25um 64.2
 50um 7.7
100um 9.0

The Lubemaster filtered the oil for approximately 8 hours at 40 degC with pump pressure of 60psi and vacuum of -7. 

At this time a second oil sample was taken. The tests showed the following results.

Water % of Saturation 20% DOWN 48%
Dielectric Strength  60kV INCREASE OF 55kV
Particle Count: 15um 121.7
25um 25.7
 50um 1.9
100um 0.3

Results from trial at Australia Paper Mills in Victoria.

Oil Testing provided by independent laboratory.