City Elements 200 – cutting edge of multi-functional pole lighting

02 Aug 2021

The new smart multi-functional illuminating column City Elements 200 represents the evolution in light and multi-functionality for urban spaces and streets.

The new multi-functional illuminating column City Elements 200 represents the evolution in light and multi-functionality, allowing Hess to combine decades of experience and the benefits of the globally successful City Elements 180 and City Elements 230 models into an innovative yet simple illuminating column. With a diameter of 200 mm and many inventive innovations, the City Elements 200 is destined for attractive design and solution concepts in urban environments. WIFI, speaker, spots, street lighting, CCTV and many more functions - all integrated into one pole design!

Thanks to its completely new design, it can be effortlessly set up in just a few steps with just one tool and in any type of weather. The illuminating column consists of empty basic and intermediate elements, which are equipped with self-contained and sealed inserts as needed. The top elements are also sealed already in the factory, so they only need to be attached. This means the City Elements 200 constitutes a whole new dimension of simplicity in multifunctional illuminating columns.

E-mobility – perfectly integrated into the City Elements 200

The luminaires of sophisticated design by Hess are typically located in city centres as well as on residential streets and service roads – and thus exactly where e-mobility, or more precisely the supply of electricity, will play a major role. In a correspondingly elegant manner and without affecting the design of the luminaire, Hess incorporates this topic into the illuminating column. A type 2 charging station, that is, 3-phase with 400VAC and 32A and a safety socket, can be installed if desired. To make user interaction less complicated, an RFID module is used. In this way Hess once again combines light, design and multifunctionality in an ideal way – in a City Elements 200. And that's just the beginning.