Chrome plating incorporated into pool table design

Supplier: A Class Metal Finishers
20 November, 2009

As an example of how chrome plating can be incorporated into innovative design, Nottage Design Pty Ltd came up with this impressive chrome plated pool table.

With a need for high quality finishing of the product, Nottage engaged polishing and plating specialists and fellow South Australian company A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd to prepare and chrome plate the metal surfaces. 

The spectacular result is gaining international attention with enquiries or orders for the pool table coming from as far away as Russia and USA.

Customers with interest in a chrome plated pool table or other equally innovate products and designs are encouraged to contact Nottage Design Pty Ltd on Tel: +614 3320 9507 or visit website
For enquiries about chrome plating services, A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd can be contacted on + 61 8 8384 4331.