Choosing the right packaging tape

Choosing the Right Packaging Tape
Choosing the Right Packaging Tape

Finding the right packaging tape to use can be tricky; especially if you’re not sure what type is most suited to your application. Sometimes it can be easier to just pick one and hope for the best.

Unfortunately doing this won't always get you the best results, as there are a few different types of packaging tapes and they are designed for different jobs.

Signet has been a leading packaging expert for over 45 years so we thought we would take the guess-work out of selecting the right tape and provide a comprehensive guide and infographic. Click here to check out our infographic, where after answering a couple of questions you'll find the tape recommended for you, or read on for a guide to the different types.

Acrylic Adhesive

Signet's Own Acrylic Tape

This tape has a water based acrylic adhesive, making it ideal for boxes stored in cold environments. It is a high quality 28 micron (um) tape, made to match the quality of leading brand Tesa, which will keep your goods secure during shipping or storage.

Tesa 4262 Acrylic Packaging Tape

Similar to the Signet's Own Acrylic Tape, the Tesa 4262 Acrylic Tape has a water based acrylic adhesive which makes it suitable for use in cold environments. It is a 30um tape that will securely seal your boxes for shipping or storage.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Scotch 370 Packaging Tape

Scotch 370 Packaging Tape is a great carton sealing solution and is constructed from high quality synthetic rubber adhesive (or "hot melt"). The 28um tape offers fantastic strength during shipping and stands up to tough handling conditions.

Signet's Own Hot Melt Tape

Signet's Own Hot Melt Tape is an ideal solution for general carton sealing applications. It has a synthetic acrylic adhesive which gives excellent strength during shipping and is 28um. As it comes from the Signet's own range, you can expect excellent quality at a competitive price.

Scotch 371 Packaging Tape

This 30um tape has pressure sensitive hot melt synthetic rubber adhesive, which creates a quick and strong bond to the carton’s surface. It is particularly beneficial for recycled cartons and will stand up to punishing handling conditions.

Natural Rubber Adhesive

Signet's Own Packaging Tape

This tape is ideal for general carton sealing and shipping as it is made from a high quality rubber adhesive that will keep cartons securely sealed until arriving at their end destination. It will perform well on most cardboard types and is 30um.

Tesa 4263 Packaging Tape

Tesa 4263 Packaging Tape is constructed from high quality natural rubber based adhesive which allows instant adhesion to the cartons surface. It is 30um and suitable for a range of packaging applications.

Signet's Own Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

Signet's Own Heavy Duty Packaging Tape is a high quality 40um tape, ideal for sealing heavier cartons and boxes. Its high quality rubber adhesive stands up to more demanding applications, as well as stabilising and containing heavier loads.

Lastly, here are a few packaging tape tips to help you get the most out of your tape.

Tip one: For best results during tape application, avoid stretching the tape and apply with even downward pressure. This will help get the most effective seal.

Tip two: Dust, dirt and contact with skin can reduce the tape’s adhesive abilities. Apply tape in a dust-free environment and wipe away any dust or dirt from the carton to ensure prime performance.

Tip three: Store tape away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry environment to maintain the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Tip four: If you are using an acrylic tape, it is best to apply the tape outside of the cold area first. This will ensure the tape’s best performance and optimum adhesion to the carton's surface.