Changing The Way You Think About Magnetic Pulleys!

Supplier: MSA Magnetics By: MSA Magnetics
13 May, 2021

With up to 4 times more power than commonly available Ceramic/Ferrite Pulleys, our Australian Made Rare Earth Pulleys are changing the face of Metal Separation in Australia.

The 4000-6000 Gauss surface intensity makes this option suitable for many applications where product purity and machine protection are both required, for example, Hay Processing and Rock Crushing, or where high-tonnage is being processed with low-density metal contamination, for example, Glass Recycling Plants.


  • MSA can supply complete new Magnetic Head Pulleys or can convert your existing Pulley, meaning large cost savings.
  • Local support and expertise means you can count on our quality and availability of locally manufactured replacement parts such as Stainless Steel wear cappings.
  • A value for money way to automate and save yourself time and potential hand injuries with this Self-cleaning option.
  • Our Aussie Made Rare Earth Pulleys are so powerful that they can be used in some applications that are historically only handled by Over-belt Magnets, making this truly a value for money proposition at point of purchase. Requiring less maintenance than Self-cleaning Over-belts, the decision becomes even easier!