Ceraphire in pressure and level sensors

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia
26 October, 2011

The average diamond is around 3.3 billion years old.

Even the "youngest" diamonds are thought to be 1.2 billion years old.

Scientists have found diamonds in Western Australia more than four billion years old, which is nearly as old as Earth itself.

Diamond is not only the oldest but also the hardest, naturally occurring substance on earth; it won't dissolve in acid, and has a melting point of 3550 degrees C at normal atmospheric pressure.

Extreme hardness and high abrasion and corrosion resistance are also properties of Ceraphire. Unique to Endress+Hauser, Ceraphire is a 99.9% pure aluminium-oxide ceramic and the perfect material for pressure and level sensors used in highly aggressive media.

The high purity means the Ceraphire sensor is absolutely corrosion resistant, while the extreme hardness and elasticity makes it highly resistant to abrasion and impact – nine times that of metal-diaphragm sensors in fact. It even offers superior performance compared with other so-called "pure" ceramic sensors. A Ceraphire sensor can handle an overload resistance up to 40 times the nominal pressure and has a reference accuracy of 0.05%.

In mining, mineral processing and other industries that process abrasive media, Ceraphire offers a low maintenance, low cost, long-lasting solution for heavy-duty pressure and level sensors. Installing a Ceraphire sensor can make the difference between a plant running at full capacity and one that suffers excessive downtime and poor productivity.